Project works:

Chabahar Company is proud to state that with development of projects on oil platform and of its continuous efforts grab some of its capabilities in different fields of cargo transportation. The company with standards of global business and experienced staffs is ready to do all kinds of projects in marine field . The trust and confidence of big organizations to our company for transportations of their goods and cargos is our big pleasure . We gab the trust and confidence of many companies and major center of organizations and main owners to transport private and public goods in Iran and other countries and we do it with great vessels and logistical facilities and technical support for efficient and experienced staff. Chabaharan man power and support services is a series of companies affiliated to the free zone ,which its main task is to supply man power (seamen) required for local vessels in different parts of the board and engine room . We have a significant role in attracting foreign and local seamen for our vessels with good experiences and brilliant background in supplying man power . In the field of foreign crews complete planning with expectations and capacities and carried out with a series of managers and employees of providing foreign crews on a regular plan is being implemented to increase its results is diversity of service company . in the Iranian seaman , with holding training courses , with the help of the prestigious schools ports plays an important role in entrepreneurship and create jobs for Iranian youth.

We have provide best consulting service of Sea projects

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