Maritime transport:

The movement of goods and etc by types of vessels with different capacity on variety of sea and estuary and canals and oceans. This displacement is one of the most important purposes commerce. When he speaks of marine transportation the first thing that comes to mind are cargo ships to carry different products with specific characteristics that are equipped climatic conditions. Goods shipped by sea with are large in volume and there is no possibility of transportation by land or air or it is possible for long. Geographical characteristics of a country determines the movement of goods so the maritime transport most used in countries that have geographical position and field. Maritime transport depending on distance or near the track or the type of product used: Tanker, General cargo, Svplay boot, Landing craft, Motorized barge and Trailers in small scale and large. Handling the export and import plays an important role in the dynamics of country so from ancient times until now due to the importance of shipping in dusty commercial port and the customs agency held in different parts of the country. That each of these areas due to the expansion of scope of shielding purposes on the implementation of the duties and function of the PMO. In this regard, cooperative Chabaharan having professional export staff import and export activities in order to grow loads of cargo and marine plans relying on customer-oriented principle and application of international standard and forces experienced in the field of customs affairs and loading up full discharge and discharge affairs the requested destination in the fastest possible time to ensure the prosperity and security for the customer. The company has many years of experience in maritime affairs with the highest quality is ready to provide services to you loved ones.

We have provide best consulting service of Sea cargo shipping

Specialty abstract of activities in the field of maritime transport:

  • - Providing direct transport services from Iranian ports in the Persian Gulf countries and vice versa
  • - Cargo by charter ships
  • - Cargo building such as plaster, cement, bars, sand, gravel and etc.
  • - Doing project such as: water project, stoker and etc..
  • - Container handling: performing all stevedoring operation for specialized and for the type of cargo and its destination for this purpose, the company has long dominated the various vessels.

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