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we are always ready to provide the best solution for our customer’s needs and concerns providing maximum return on capital and maximum quality of service to customers. To ensure continuity of optimal counseling, the company has invested heavily in the field of training and updating your own specialist. This company specifies and complies with the quality system requirements of the certification bodies and the basic rules and continuous communication with the customer choosing the right control and analysis of the main indicators of service quality, measuring the degree of customer satisfaction and improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, revising policy and policy and organizational goals and changes seeking to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Supply Iranian man power (seaman)

in response to the modernization and commercial fleet and also decrease of seamen what of qualitative and quantitative terms , the company do it due to increase investment of Chabahar in qualitative and quantitative seamen , oiler, engineer and officer . with the support of customers , By the end of the training courses and maritime navigation students grab experience and the standard and responsibility and the higher degree of international standards . owners of the vessels could be use with more confidence of trained seamen of the company in their fleet . As well as the company's branches and its activities has started in the port of Khoramshahr port , Bandar Abbas and Bushehr port , in addition to this development in the field of international interaction with other marine training centers appropriate communications with the World. Chabahar company supply manpower and support services of vessels that it is affiliated to the free zones , which is the main task of it is providing manpower required for local vessels in different parts of the board and the engine room . in the field of foreign crews we do complete planning with expectations and capacities , and carried out with a series of managers and employees of supply foreign crews on a regular plan is being implemented to increase its natural birth and diversity of service company . in the Iranian crews , with holding training courses there, with the help of the valid ports plays an important role in entrepreneurship and create jobs for youth, will be home .

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We conduct a proper screening procedure to select the right individuals. We look forward to hire qualified professionals who are motivated, hard working and possess a keen interest in working with this sector. The job duties may be divided as full time and part time. chabaharan company understands the shipping business and believe in building a strong relationship with its clients by providing the right people for the right job in a timely manner. You can submit your vacancy or contact us for more details.

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