foreign s crew

Cooperative Chabaharan company with centrality of Chabahar and three other branch was established in 2002 in the Islamic Republic of Iran , it is specialized to supply skilled manpower in the Marine Corps. This company with several boats and floating contracting with several large and raised companies in Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to meet to supply the professionalism and cadets seamen with different nationalities

Supply foreign manpower (seamen) :

We are honored with regard to the method of responsibility in the field of man power and the quality management , we 've been able to grab a special place in the international shipping lines in the field of trust, power , speed, operational business skills. Our colleagues well know it that must use the best and latest technology and method for stay , overcome and persistence in the global market . So we must act powerful, honest and professional to make the best of competitive advantage. The team of this company under investigation and for raising the level of quality to promote his work as a supplier of manpower

Acting like this :

  • 1. The company is in contact with one of the largest insurance companies in the Islamic Republic of Iran that insure due to events of any unexpected incident at the arrival of foreign nationalities crews to the country till in any case in advance company reacted quickly and relevant experts acted to the best serve the imported to crews to carry out it .
  • 2. According to the rules of sending crews of this company , professionalism crews and cadets purely will join to metal floating and sailing vessels , and sending crews on dry dock and stand by ship without sailing in harbor are banned.
  • 3. In accordance with the criteria of the work crews will get monthly salary in cash and employers would be obliged to pay salary specified in the contract continuous basis can be – monthly .
  • 4. The company with expert and experienced team in the fields of work visa and all related to residence and exit visa do the affairs at the fastest time for crews .
  • 5. To ease relationship and communication between seamen and experts of company from first date of his entrance till finish his contract in Iran we give him sim card and internet and social networks to connect to better 24 hours with company and his family.

utilities and possibilities for our seamen

We are honored that bring the highest utilities and possibilities for our seamen. Important points in a floating include :
  • 1. Observance of the safety standards and all the necessary for navigation a ship.
  • 2. Ship be active and in a sailing and good condition.
  • 3. Insurance , payment of salaries and job security .
  • 4. observance of the rights of all floating personnel and the spirit of teamwork and respecting the rights of other citizens of ( include religion, race , facilities , food and having accommodations and facilities suitable for seafaring safe and comfortable) .
  • Note worthy foreign sailors

    1 ) Those who willing to be a seaman and work on a ship can contact us and book their names on our site . We introduce and guide them to our agent in India till pass courses of maritime field and get seaman documents then we give you vacancies on our company vessels .We help you to be a good and professional seaman .
    2 ) Those who have seaman book and willing to get good vacancies , book their name on out site ,we arrange a good ship base on his like .
    call this number:
    +989016616414 Directly contact us , get your maritime documents and become a good seaman ,get your vacancy base of your like .

    Our foriegn sailor