Who We Are?

Chabaharan human supply and support services is a collection of companies affiliated with the free zone Whose main task is to provide the necessary human resources for domestic vessels in different sections Of the deck and engine room. Given the experience and the brilliant background in human power we Will have a significant role in attracting foreign and domestic forces.

Dedicated in the field of external forces complete planning with regard to existing expectations and Capacities and with the efforts of the directors and staff to provide external forces a systematic plan is Underway and the result is the expansion and diversification of the company’s services.

In the Iranian force section , we will play an important role in creating entrepreneurship and employment for the youth of the homeland by holding training courses and assisting with the accredited institution of the port.

We have become the fastest growing


Chabaharan co. with central Ahwaz founded in 2001 with activities in all of the navy’s manpower Supplies, Iran due to the geographic location in the middle east, proper infrastructure, good life and a variety of decent and suitable opportunities has been able to reduces operational and administrative costs in some way and thus create an exceptional opportunity for international investment, especially in the seas.

Specialist team of this company, this company has the ability to manage human resources taking into account the interests of the shipping company contracting parties and other branches and contract in the southern regions.

We are proud to have been able to provide power in terms of our method and responsibility we have a special place for international shipping lines in the field of trust, power and speed decision making and operational skills.

Our customers know that in this competitive world we have to overcome and the market survival of the latest and best technology and achieve the best competitive advantage we must have a strong partner and help. Net and close consultation is one of the service features of Chabaharan co.


  • Experience
  • indian seaman suplly .
  • Guidance on working on Iranian boats...
  • Carrying out visas and stay of foreign seamans
  • Having more than 10 years of experience in supplying seaman power
  • The best importer of foreign seamans in Iran

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Experience 73%
Experience 100%
Experience 78%
Experience 80%
Experience 63%

Customer Orientation

we are always ready to provide the best solution for our customer’s needs and concerns providing maximum return on capital and maximum quality of service to customers. To ensure continuity of optimal counseling, the company has invested heavily in the field of training and updating your own specialist. This company specifies and complies with the quality system requirements of the certification bodies and the basic rules and continuous communication with the customer choosing the right control and analysis of the main indicators of service quality, measuring the degree of customer satisfaction and improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, revising policy and policy and organizational goals and changes seeking to increase the level of customer satisfaction.
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